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The pallet of Aeromash simulators covers practically the entire range of the Soviet Union and Russian-made fixed and rotary aircraft.

Aeromash’ simulators provide for air crew training on the ground in piloting technique, in navigation, in engine units running, in aircraft and helicopter systems and equipment operation on the ground and in the air, according to the Flight Operations Manual of corresponding aircraft or helicopter types.

The simulator allows pilots or crews to practice the whole range of emergency situations on the ground and in the air, including situations that are not possible to practice in real flight.

Simulators cockpits are replicas of the customer’s aircraft-in-service cockpit. Visualization system represents a multi-channel projection system with computer image generation of Outside World (OTW) situation on cylindrical, spherical or hemispherical screen. It provides continuous OTW situation display in the field of pilot view with visual field angle from 220° to 270° horizontally and from 60 ° to 110° vertically.

The company’s simulators are developed and manufactured on the modular approach considering optimum cost/efficiency criterion, and are based on the common software and hardware technology.

Simulator production is carried out with account of the requirements of the state standard specification and the standards applicable in the field of aeronautical engineering. This approach guarantees the highest reliability, maintainability, and possibility of further modernization. The main advantages of Full Flight Simulators produced by CJSC Group of Manufacturing Technology and Aeronautical Engineering Aeromash are as follows:

  • The possibility to carry out all types of pilots (crews) flight training.

  • Simulation of real flight conditions and operating modes of controls, systems and equipment.

  • Full compliance of simulator’s cockpit equipment with cockpit’s equipment of aircraft, operated by the customer.

  • Real-life display of flight area, major and alternate airfields.

  • Realistic simulation of flight conditions.

  • High reliability.

  • Low operating costs (maintenance charges).

  • Guaranteed after-sales technical support for the life cycle of simulator.